What is clubbell training and its benefits


Tamara Villa

Does the word sound familiar?
clubbells? Probably not, as they have never been very popular. Until now, little by little they have gone viral. Because clubbells training is full of benefits and, among other things, you will have toned and cared-for muscles throughout your body by doing a fun and different exercise.

Clubbells (or Persian clubs) are terms that refer to an accessory used during Persian times to
exercise the body. It has then been used in the circus and later as a marginal exercise supplement. When kettlebells started to catch on, around the same time as military training, functional training and cross training started to come together.

All of them became one and gave rise to what we know as
CrossFit. At that time, a trainer named Scott Sonnon saw a unique business opportunity and trademarked Clubbells and CST (Circular Strength Training) without hesitation. And that is where the Persian maces found a new destiny.

Persian training and clubbells

Its origin is as old as the first hominids that took a heavy object (such as a rock) and put it on a stick to defend themselves against a threat. As a training method, its birth dates back to the varzesh-e pahlavani rituals of ancient Persia. There, the men met in a ceremony that combined
martial arts moves, calisthenics, strength exercises and music.

Everything has evolved until now, already known as a unique training system despite being a simple exercise with a kind of long kettlebell or a dumbbell with the weight distributed irregularly. The use of clubbells implies the connection of the
force production from the upper body to the core.

Woman training/PEXELS

The benefits of clubbell exercises

The movements you can do with the clubbells
activate all the muscles of the body. They use the same principle as a kettlebell: their weight distribution is heterogeneous, which means that their center of mass is displaced. But the fact that they are so different in design results in a completely different tool with unique features.

The fact that clubbells are cylindrical and linear causes the weight to condense into one bar. The kettlebell spreads the weight across its entire width, making it more difficult to handle in certain exercises. In addition, it allows a
more comfortable neutral grip than that of the kettlebell. And that it is so long separates the weight from the grip, making it more difficult to control.

Clubbell training is fantastic for improving grip strength. By design, the weight is distributed unevenly, which
shifts the weight away from the grip. This makes gripping a challenge in itself. Ultimately, your grip strength will increase tenfold.

Most people only train their shoulders through a lateral and pushing movement. Clubbell training works the shoulders in a completely unique way. Train the shoulder through
rotation movements, although it can also be used in traditional forms of weightlifting, albeit with a distinctly different approach. But the best thing is that it tones the whole body as it is a very complete exercise.

Woman training/PEXELS

Why use clubbells

Due to the dynamic nature and constant need to stabilize the clubbell, we need
engage the core. Therefore, we will not lose the tension of our balance and we will not fall in every movement. Thanks to its design you can perform specific exercises, especially those that involve rotation of the shoulder joint.

The exercises you can do with clubbells are the same as with any other accessory. In fact, they are specific movements similar to what you can do with a kettlebell. Have
sways (pendular movements that take advantage of the shifting of the weight to produce inertia without stopping), pendulum (same as the previous one, but you stop the inertia of the movement at some point), circles (the shoulder joint makes circles, taking advantage of the inertia), press, etc