Benefits of tennis, Kate Middleton’s favorite exercise to tone her body

Sara Flamenco

tennis It is one of the sports that extends life the longest thanks to its multiple benefits for our body. That is why it is one of the sports preferred by
Kate Middletonwho practices it whenever he can, in addition to horseback riding (like Elsa Pataky), target shooting and even soccer.

And it is that the new princess of Wales has one of the most physical
toned of royalty, a worthy competitor of our queen Letizia. A few days ago we were able to see her on a tennis court
Wimbledon playing tennis with Roger Federer, winner of said tournament eight times thanks to a video broadcast on the social networks of Kensington Palace.

In the images you can see Kate doing some of the work of the
ball boy, whom the princess wanted to praise, assuring that they are “the anonymous heroes of Wimbledon.” In addition, the way the royal played impressed the very same
Federerwho congratulated her on her good service, assuring her that her technique was perfect.

Benefits of tennis to improve your health

And it is that seeing the benefits that the
tennis for health, it is not surprising that it is one of the favorites of
Kate Middleton.

Improve mental health

According to a study conducted by the
Southwestern Connecticut State Universityand, people who play tennis are more optimistic, energetic, have more self-confidence and suffer less from depression, anxiety and tension. A good remedy to download
stress and anxiety that we accumulate throughout the day.

Help to lose weight

According to the magazine
Health Fitness Revolutionplaying tennis you can burn up to
560 calories in an hour, depending, of course, on the intensity with which you practice it. In addition, thanks to the fact that it increases the aerobic capacity of the body, it promotes
fat burning faster and more efficiently.

improves stamina

Tennis helps us improve our body’s resistance thanks to its form of execution, very similar to tennis.
HIIT. That is, tennis is made up of short periods at the highest intensity, followed by periods of active rest, which makes your
metabolism accelerates and your lung capacity increases.

Kate Middleton and Roger Federer chatting on the Wimbledon courts. /


Tones all leg muscles

This sport allows us to improve the strength of our
legs thanks, above all, to the starts and stops that you must practice during your practice. In addition, it helps you
tone them up having to react quickly and forcefully when receiving the ball.

Improves agility, flexibility and coordination

Tennis is a sport that requires constant alertness. The movement to reach the balls will improve our
flexibilitywhile our
agilitysince to hit the ball we usually change our direction on several occasions.

Helps increase bone density and strength

By involving movement and permanent alertness, this exercise will reinforce the
bones, making them not become brittle and brittle over the years. In this way, it will prevent our body from the appearance of
osteoporosisso common with the arrival of menopause.