Xiaomi Mi4 Youth: This will be the cheap version of the terminal


Xiaomi will launch an even cheaper version of the Xiaomi Mi4 This new version will receive the name of Xiaomi Mi4 Youth and would only change in one matter with respect to the existing version of the Xiaomi Mi4 It will go from 3 GB of RAM to 2 GB. It will have a price of approximately 235 euros

If the landing of Chinese smartphones has changed the current telephony landscape in the world, it can do it even more. The high features that Chinese companies are launching in their terminals together with the increasingly competitive price have meant that the sale of mobile phones from the Asian country has skyrocketed.

One of the most successful brands is Xiaomi. The success he obtained with the Xiaomi Mi3 was followed by another great triumph with the xiaomi mi4. This terminal offers features comparable to any high-end smartphone at a “ridiculous” price of 399 euros.

Such has been the revolution with this phone that in just 40 seconds the entire stock of the first batch of Xiaomi Mi4 was sold out on the Internet.

Well, the news that we echo via Gizchina ensures today that Xiaomi will curl the loop and launch a version of the Xiaomi Mi4 even cheaper. This new version will be called Xiaomi Mi4 Youth and it would only change in one matter with respect to the existing version of the Xiaomi Mi4.

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Your RAM memory would be modified, which would go from 3 to 2 GB. For the rest, the Chinese brand would not change anything. This means that it would keep the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and 5-inch Full HD IPS display.

Best of all is the price at which the Xiaomi Mi4 Youth will arrive. By 235 euro You can get this mobile on the Internet.

These are good times for the company that already stands as the third largest manufacturer in the world, only behind Samsung and Apple.

The strategy that they are now pursuing with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4 Youth will make it compete directly with another mobile that is causing a sensation in the world. We refer to the Meizu MX4.

They have not confirmed possible release date although it could arrive this Christmas, to the delight of the user.

We show you the analysis of the Xiaomi Mi4 on video: