Zara confirms the return of the most controversial two-thousander belt with a metal buckle


Carla Dominguez

Were the 2000s a time not to be forgotten? It looks like it is. And it’s not just us who say it, it’s confirmed by some fashion brands that don’t stop adding to their new collections clothes and accessories that we all wear at some point during the 2000s. One of those is Zara.

Zara has launched a new spring-summer collection. Among some of her new discoveries are clothes that remind us a lot of Diana of Wales, with slogan sweatshirts and short pantyhose. But it is not the only proposal of the Inditex firm for the season, it has also launched its options in denim.

One of the new proposals
zara It’s his denim collection. A series of models from which we see the classic jean
wide legged extra long, trendy midi skirts with an opening in the center, or trendy cargo pants in all their colors and shapes.

Of course, among the entire collection we have noticed a small detail. An accessory that has caught our attention and that they do not use on their models on a single occasion, but on several. We talk about you
A belt with a metallic buckle that will surely ring a bell when you see it.

It is this belt that is seen in the image and that the model wears with a pair of jeans. It is a belt with a metal buckle and fabric that everyone wore in the 2000s to accompany their pants, or even short and midi skirts.

It is an informal belt, very two-thousander and that we will surely see generation Z wear again. But, if you are not part of this generation, would you be willing to wear it? We have doubts and it may be one of the most controversial trends.

A Zara model with a belt with a buckle. Photo: Zara.

It is clear that although the 2000s are one of our favorite times, not everything that comes back is liked by everyone. At the moment Zara has not published photos on social networks with this new belt, but on the web. So we don’t really know what the public thinks of Zara.

What we do confirm is that it will be a difficult trend to see on the streets or at least after a certain age, right? At the moment it is not for sale on the Zara website, but it is likely that they will add it in a couple of days. If you want to join the trend now, on some platforms like Amazon you can find this type of
fabric belt with metal buckle.

Belt with metal buckle available on Amazon. /


They are available in a multitude of colors and are quite affordable. They usually go around
10 euros. They are made of cotton, and as you will already know if you have had them before, they easily adjust to your size. And you, would you dare to wear these controversial belts again?