Rowing, the exercise that Mariló Montero practices to lose fat and have an incredible body at 57 years old

Sara Flamenco

Marilo Montero is, at 57 years old, one of our national celebrities with the most
defined and toned. But even if genetics plays a role (as in the case of
Gwyneth Paltrow either
Nicole Kidman), this factor is not everything. You have to eat well and work your body so that your
musculature healthy and strong, which has benefits not only aesthetically, but also for your

that knows well
Marilowho has confessed on other occasions that the secret of her figure is none other than “crushing herself in the
gym». showing off a
discipline ferrea, the presenter assures that she does not mind getting up at dawn to complete her
trainingwhich he shares with his more than 100,000 followers from time to time.

One of the
exercises that he performs on a regular basis and that he showed us on social networks is the
rowing, for which she exercises in the gym with the help of her personal trainer. Of all the machines available in the
gymone of the most complete is the rowing machine, since in addition to the
cardio work itself will also allow us to carry out work of
forceboth upper body and lower body.

Rowing, Mariló Montero’s favorite exercise. /


Muscles worked with the rowing machine

When we use the machine
rowing from the gym, we are working practically the whole
musculature of our body, both
upper body as of the
lowerwhich make it one of the exercises
cardiovascular more complete than we can do in the gym.

upper body

The musculature of
arms and back is one of the most benefited by this exercise, since they will be the two most
involved to pull the bar and bring the grip towards the chest or abdomen. On the other hand the
shouldersand more specifically the posterior head of the
deltoidit will be one of the parts of our body that makes the most effort with this exercise.

Also, even if it’s not the
musculature most benefited by this exercise, the muscles of the
forearms they also work, since they are responsible for making a good
grip from the bar we have to pull.

Abdominal muscles (core)

coreor musculature
abdominalwill be of the utmost importance in this exercise, since it will be in charge of helping us to maintain a
position correct and not arch our back, which could cause injury or pain. To avoid this error, you should keep
neutral backperforming forward and backward movements with hip flexion and extension.

lower body

Although this exercise is designed to strengthen the
upper bodyour legs also make an effort to bend and stretch during the movement, so they are also worked
secondarily. For this reason, the rowing machine can also help us gain
endurance in the leg muscles.

Mariló Montero with two-tone suit/Gtresonline

Benefits of rowing

In addition to the number of muscles worked, there are other
benefits that make it one of the most complete and demanded exercises in the gym. Of course, if you are a beginner, with
20 or 30 minutes It will be enough, you don’t need to overwork yourself. Attentive to the
benefits of rowing:

– This exercise is excellent for working your
endurancewhich makes it also very beneficial for the
circulatory system and the operation of
heart. In addition, by involving so many muscle groups, it improves blood circulation throughout the body and prevents

– This is an excellent exercise for
burn body fat and lose some weight. By exercising so many muscles in the body, the work is greater and, consequently, more fat burning occurs in less time. In an intense rowing session it is possible to burn up to
125 heatlaugh in just 15 minutes, or a few
500 calories in 60 minutes.

– He
rowing It is an adequate training for those people who have suffered some
injury and they need to recover little by little if you practice it with intensity
low or moderate so that it carries a slight impact on the joints.

– It is an ideal exercise for
complement other sports disciplines such as cycling, running, swimming, tennis… Many athletes use this machine to stay in top physical shape and to work on the different
muscle groups in a much more effective and balanced way.