3-2-8, the viral workout on TikTok that tones the entire body and helps you lose weight


Sara Flamenco

Social networks are not only used to stalk influencers or distribute hate. There are times when they give us happiness, generalizing different
training that end up going viral, like the 12-3-30 method, which became fashionable some time ago. And why is this a joy? Because everything that brings sport closer to society and extending its practice is something to celebrate. Remember that, to live longer and better, you must combine a healthy diet with regular exercise.

TikTok, one of the most widespread social networks, has viralized a new
weekly training which promises effective results as long as you follow some rules. It involves 3 days of weight training, 2 days of low-intensity activity, and walking 8,000 steps a day (hence the name), and
Sara Alvarezco-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology (the one followed by Tamara Falcó) explains it to us.

What is the 3-2-8 method, the viral challenge to tone up and lose weight

3 workouts with weights

Sara Álvarez recommends doing these workouts “in
alternating days to let the muscles recover« and go »progressively increasing the
intensity every six weeks either with higher weights or adding reps.” And how do we know when the time has come to increase the resistance? The expert gives you the trick: »If the last 3 repetitions don’t cost you a lot of effort, it’s time to move on«.

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Regarding the muscle groups to work depending on the training day, the expert recommends starting with a
full body training Get your whole body moving. The second day should be dedicated to the upper body and the third to the lower body. In fact, he advises you not to worry too much about the area of ​​the
abdomensince almost all the exercises work it in an indirect “but effective” way, he adds.

And how long? Here, as always, it will depend on the time you have in your day to day, but Álvarez assures that
30 minutes they are enough to tone up and speed up the metabolism. Of course, if you have time, he recommends using
between 45 and 60 minutes to really reap all the benefits of training.

2 low intensity routines

In the previous step we have said that weight training should be done on alternate days to allow time for the muscles to
they recover, but that does not mean that on days off you do nothing. The expert recommends that you do what she calls those days
“active recovery”which are lower intensity exercises that allow the body to recover but without stopping completely.

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“It is about carrying out activities that promote the
flexibilitystretch the muscles, correct the posture, strengthen the pelvic floor and the mind-body connection and be of low intensity as
pilates, stretching or yoga«advises Sara Álvarez.

8,000 daily steps

Surely you have heard millions of times that experts recommend walking 10,000 steps a day, but in this case it is not necessary to go that far. If you exceed
8,000 steps better, of course, but reaching this amount will be enough, since you are exercising on the other hand on a daily basis.

By walking 8,000 steps a day you will get, in addition to
Burn calories, improve mood and support immune function. As the expert points out, “it is not necessary to do them all at once, but reaching this figure is an indication that
we’ve moved enough and we have enjoyed some walk«.

The ideal would be to have
a good professional by your side to do the training based on your physical condition, but if you can’t or don’t want to hire a personal trainer, you can dedicate a day to
plan your training following the rules we just gave you. Ready to start?