A new way of eating Iberian ham: at the heart of a work of art


Guadalupe Rodriguez

Following the advice of
william morris If you don’t have anything in your home that is not useful or beautiful, we suggest you celebrate Mother’s Day with a gift that combines both characteristics. Nothing more useful than sharing one of the most delicious gourmet products produced exclusively in Spain, which are not lacking in celebrations and which can tempt the most convinced vegan: the
Iberian Ham.

If the exquisite sensation of tasting a 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham is already moving, the emotion is multiplied by serving it in a ceramic piece that is no longer tableware to be transformed into a work of art. The artist
Pepa Reverter has created by hand a limited edition of 30 ceramic pieces to serve the
Cinco Jotas ham sublime sensation that you will always want to have in the living room and not hide in a kitchen cabinet.

Cinco Jotas, Sublime sensation x Pepa Reverter. /

five jacks

Pepa Reverter, Graduated from the School of Applied Arts of Llotja and graduated in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona, ​​she uses creativity and color to create a state of mind, provoking an emotional reaction as important as the function of each sculpture she works. Each of the pieces designed for Cinco Jotas, hand-painted in shades of blue and gold, conveys elegance and sophistication. The emotions that the ham arouses in each diner has inspired the artist to try to recreate the sensation of pleasure in her work. The cover is conceived to surprise when discovering the treasure that she keeps in her heart.

The price of
Cinco Jotas sublime sensation x Pepa Reverter, which includes the ceramic piece and an 8-9 kilo ham that has been cured for more than four years is €1,700. The Cinco Jotas brand, from the Osborne group, has been producing 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham in Jabugo for 140 years. This town, located in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve, has established itself as one of the meccas for the best ham in Spain due to its perfect microclimate for curing the sausages made with the Iberian pigs that are raised freely in the pastures and feed on acorns, which provide aroma and flavor.