Tips and exercises to show off incredible abs on the beach according to coach Gustavo González


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Summer is coming and we would all like to wear a
flat and toned stomach on the beach. We are not going to deceive you, if you have not already started to take care of yourself, you are going to have a difficult time. In addition to one
low fat dietit is imperative to follow an exercise routine focused on strengthening the core muscles, in addition to performing certain sports that eliminate abdominal fat.

And to do it right, you need
time. “To tone and define the abdominal muscles, like any muscle group, it is necessary to continuously follow a series of strategies and recommendations that, combined, can produce results in the medium and long term,” he says.
Gustavo GonzalezTrainer for David Lloyd Gyms.

But any time is a good time to start, because if you don’t make it to this summer, you’ll make it to the next, and in the meantime,
your health is improving, that this should be our main objective. Attentive to the
tips Gustavo González to strengthen the belly area and at three
exercises What do you recommend to achieve it?

Tips to strengthen your abs and get a flat stomach according to coach Gustavo González

1. Make a
general strength exercise program of the whole body in which specific abdominal exercises are also included. Remember that we do nothing to strengthen a part of our body if we neglect the rest, neither aesthetically nor health.

Woman doing crunches on the gym floor. /

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2. Make a
cardio training program designed to reduce the percentage of body fat: the less fatty tissue we have, the more muscle definition we will exhibit, and it will also be easier for us to lose weight since muscle tissue consumes more calories than fat.

3. Follow a program
low calorie diet to, as in the previous point, reduce the percentage of fat mass. That does not mean that you live on a diet, simply that you watch your diet so that it is balanced and includes all kinds of nutrients, staying away from sugar and processed foods.

4. Complies with all
healthy living recommendations that we know but that many times we do not put into practice: drink plenty of water, rest adequately, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol… Yes, we know that it is difficult and more with the arrival of the holidays, but the changes are spectacular

Keep it real: keep in mind that each body is different and that there will be people who find it easy to tone and define and others, unfortunately, not so much. Gonzalez recommends
accept the situation in the latter case and continue doing physical exercise, since it is one of the main behaviors that can be carried out to improve health.

front shrug

Frontal shrinkage performed by Gustavo González. /

David Lloyd

How it’s done: Lie on your back with your fingers interlocked behind your head and knees bent. Next, raise the line of the shoulders slightly without forcing the neck with the hands and hold for a few seconds exerting force on the abdominal muscles.

inverted shrug

Inverted shrug performed by Gustavo González. /

David Lloyd

How it’s done: Lie on your back with your arms along your body and your knees bent and with the soles of your feet resting on the floor. Next, try to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible without arching your back.

abdominal plank

How it’s done: Lie on your stomach and raise your body, supporting yourself on your forearms and on the balls of your feet. The body must be completely straight, from the neck to the feet and you must maintain this position throughout the exercise, without the buttocks going up or down.