Expert advice for training safely when you have turned 65


Sara Flamenco

exercise It is important at any age, but when you have a birthday, it becomes almost essential. Of course, it must be assumed that the
physical state It is not the same as when you are 20 years old, so the ideal would be to adapt the type of training so as not to suffer any damage, never stop doing it. Stretching is a fundamental part of the exercise from that age, but you can even do strength training, as long as you adapt it to your physical condition, both in repetitions and in weight.

we have talked with
fitness expert Sara Álvarezco-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology, and has told us the key points to take into account when exercising
after retirement. «Gymnastics in the golden age is our great bet and the most motivating: it is about
rehabilitateimprove physical condition and accompany our elders in carrying out their physical activity“, he tells us.

«The base of the trainings must be work of
mobility joint and stretching. Elastic bands, self-loads or manual resistances can be used, and in general the improvement of
agility and balance“, sums up the expert.

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Basic recommendations for exercising from the age of 65

Each patient is a world and has its
particularities specific. And it is true that age does not have to determine your physical condition, but there are some
General considerations to take into account so that our joints and muscles do not suffer:

longer warm-ups: warming up is the first step in any training routine and we should never skip it, since this is how we prepare our muscles so that they do not suffer any injury when we start exercising. With age, warm-ups are essential and should be longer, with a minimum of 10 minutes.

Progression should go from low to moderate: No starting with a high intensity, because this can cause problems, both at the joint and muscle level, and even premature exhaustion that makes you give up the exercise prematurely. You are not in a hurry, go little by little.

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Be careful with the weight: Introducing weight in training increases their resistance, which means more muscular work. But over the years, problems such as arthritis may appear, so you have to be especially careful in choosing your weight and be supervised at all times by a professional.

Stay away from impact activities: Exercises as widespread as running or jumping rope are not particularly recommended for those who are over 65 years of age. This type of activity has an impact on our joints and is especially damaging.

watch the replays: Overloading a certain muscle group with a high number of repetitions is not a problem when you are 30 years old, but at 65 it is convenient to watch it and adapt the training routine to the physical condition of the specific person.

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Be careful with certain exercises: As a general recommendation, exercises that may aggravate hip or spine problems should be monitored at all times and, if you have knee problems, you should avoid exercises that require a four-legged posture.

adapt the effort: You should always work at a level of effort that is comfortable and remember to rehydrate frequently to avoid possible dizziness. Little by little you can increase the level of effort, but always in a natural way and when your physical condition improves.

Always stretch when finished: If warming up is essential at the beginning of the exercise, stretching our muscles when we have finished is also very important. As we have mentioned before, at 65 it is even more important not to forget about this last step, since you will relax all your muscle groups avoiding annoying stiffness and possible injuries.