Jennifer Lopez performs three exercises to get her abdomen of steel


Sara Flamenco

Over the years,
Jennifer Lopez He has been adapting his training routines to keep his body lean and muscular at the same time. The New Yorker is not good at being thin and trusts her personal trainer to avoid the loss of muscle mass that usually occurs at birthdays, and the singer
he is already 53.

to get those
ABS marked that she likes to teach so much, JLo follows a very intense training that her trainer revealed to us on the Oprah show. Is about
three exercises very powerful and hard that he performs without ceasing up to a total of
50 repetitions.

That at least in the first session, since in the second he “only” does 35 repetitions and in the third “no more than” 21. In total, 106 repetitions of each of the exercises, a routine not suitable for beginners, without doubt.
Hanging leg raises, rope crunch, and incline squats with a weight of 20 kilos, are the three exercises that Jennifer performs without rest. Here’s how to do each of these moves:

Jennifer Lopez’s three exercises to strengthen her abs

hanging leg raises

To execute it correctly, it requires a lot of
force and trunk and upper body control. If you do it correctly, the hanging leg raise will not hurt your neck or lower back, two of the areas that can suffer the most when doing
ABS (if we do them wrong, of course).

How it’s done: all you need is a bar to hang from that you can reach without jumping. Hang by gripping the bar with the palms of your hands and squeeze your shoulder blades to pull your shoulders down. Lock your abs in by squeezing them in and bring your legs slightly forward so they are in front of your body. Next, bend your knees and bring them closer to your shoulders, flexing your spine. Hold for a second at the top to fully squeeze your abs, then slowly drop your legs back down to the starting position.

Rope crunch or high pulley crunch

The high pulley crunch or rope crunch is an exercise
abdominalwhich apart from requiring the intervention of the rectus abdominis and the
obliquesmuscle fibers belonging to the upper body are also involved, collaterally, such as the dorsal muscles, the triceps or the pectoral muscle.

How it’s done: kneel under a pulley that has a rope or rope attached to it, hold the rope with both hands, lower it until the hands are next to the face and flex the hips a little. Keeping your hips stationary, bend at the waist as you contract your abs so that your elbows move toward the center of your thighs. Return to the starting position slowly, controlling the movement.

Weighted incline squats or hack squats

This exercise is performed on the Hack apparatus, an incline press that features a backrest that slides up and down on two movable rails. The execution is similar to that of a
squatbut with a different inclination, since the machine where it is performed has an area to rest the feet inclined.

How it’s done: Place your feet shoulder-width apart on the platform and lean your body on the machine with an upright torso. Grab the side handles of the machine with both hands and start the exercise by bending your legs until your thighs are parallel to the platform. The knees have to form a 90 degree angle and they must be in line with the toes. Push your legs up to return to the starting position.

Other tips from Jennifer Lopez to have a heart-stopping body

Jennifer Lopez also bets on the
strength training, lifting weights so heavy that it leaves us in awe. In 2019, the singer and actress shared a video in which she is seen lifting
300 pounds, which would be equivalent to about 136 kilos. And not once or twice, but a total of 10 times. Impressed?

In addition, bet on maintaining a very healthy diet. His personal chef, Kelvin Fernandez, shared his culinary secrets with US Weekly: “Sparkling water and lots of
fruits and vegetables, I eat strawberries, although Jennifer doesn’t really like fruit,” she said. «In her house there are always vegetables like spinach, cucumber and celery to make.
green juices. She loves to start the day with a green juice, eggs and turkey bacon’.

You see that there are no secrets to get the great body of
Jennifer Lopez. Just powerful workouts and a healthy diet, plus drinking lots of water. Yes, we know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but miracles don’t exist and if you want a body like the actress’s at 53, you have to
work hard.