Plank jacks with a bosu ball, the fun exercise that strengthens your core while improving your cardiovascular health


Tamara Villa

If the standard variations of
plank jacks They are not interesting enough for you anymore, consider adding accessories. And one of the smartest is the bosu ball. Find out why this simple addition can give your fitness routine a new boost and strengthen your core while gaining cardiovascular health.

By using a good bosu ball
you involve the muscles a little more of the core, wrist and ankle. In simpler words, bosu ball plank jacks can be a fun way to improve your cardiovascular fitness at home, warm up, and improve overall coordination.

How to do plank jacks with a bosu ball

The first thing is to place the bosu ball with the round part on the ground. S
sit on your knees and above put your hands shoulder width apart in the middle of the flat surface. Step back with your feet until you form a straight line from your heels to the top of your head. Keep your shoulders above your wrists.

Jump slightly with your feet and swing them out into the air. As you land,
tense core muscles so as not to lower the hips too much, always maintaining a straight line. Jump back to the starting position with similar landing patterns. Keep hopping your feet in and out for a certain number of repetitions, as long as you feel comfortable.

Woman with bosu ball/PEXELS

Don’t drop your hips too low
always keep your shoulders above your wrists. You can also turn the bosu ball on its other end to work your wrist muscles more, and you can place the ball flat side down under your feet. This would work the ankle muscles a bit more.

The muscles you work doing plank jacks with a bosu ball

The main muscles you work doing plank jacks with a bosu ball are the
abdominals and hip flexors, but also hip abductors (outer thighs), hip adductors (inner thighs), and obliques. Also, you engage quads, triceps, deltoids, and latissimus dorsi to some degree.

The irregular surface of the bosu ball under the wrists will work the
obliques and forearm muscles a little more than normal irons. And, as already suggested, placing her under your feet with the flat side down in the starting position will make the exercise work her ankle muscles more.

Benefits of bosu ball plank jacks

If you introduce plank jacks with a bosu ball into your fitness routine, you will get a
increased balance and coordination because you may need some time to get used to the movements. In addition, it will be a greater challenge for the heart, lungs and blood vessels.

Women with bosu/PEXELS balls

Even if it’s not a challenging enough exercise to help you build superwoman muscles,
improve stamina of these is also very beneficial. One of the consequences of achieving this by doing plank jacks with a bosu ball is to reduce the risk of back pain.

And one more extra addition that you cannot miss. Since doing this exercise also requires the use of more energy than many standard daily activities, this tends to be helpful in reaching a
healthy body weight and stay there. That is, it helps you with your antikilos plan.

Plank jacks with a bosu ball are generally a good exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and coordination. also can
help you warm up a variety of body parts and you’ll work your balance skills and forearm muscles to a slightly greater degree.