TRX, Elsa Pataky’s secret to getting strong and defined buttocks


Sara Flamenco

Some time ago we told you about the 15-minute routine that Elsa Pataky followed to have steel buttocks, and that is that the actress considers the
sport a priority in his life and, among all the muscle groups, he works the area of
buttocksknowing that it is one of the parts of the female body where more
fat. And why have we now remembered this routine of
training? Because a few weeks ago, the actress published a bikini photo where you could see her ass
toned, strong and defined and we ask ourselves, can we have it like this?

The short answer is yes and the long answer is yes, but you have to suffer a little to get it. Among all this
Exercise routine which included working with weights, dumbbells, bands and Pilates balls, we were left with one of the key tools in the current world of fitness:
the TRX. The TRX is a sports modality that consists of performing exercises
in suspension with the help of special tapes. In this way, the weight of our body is suspended in the air so that the muscles have the
endurance of that weight and get toned up effectively.

Elsa uses this tool to practice the
jump squat To do it correctly, you must take the bands
TRX with both hands, bend your knees and try to bring your
buttocks backward. This way, when you are at the fullest point, your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Next, pushing from the heels, extend the hips and knees, performing
a jump as you exhale.

But it is not the only exercise with
TRX that you can practice to tone your buttocks. It is true that in all the exercises other
muscles, but you must concentrate on the glutes, contracting them to the maximum when you are carrying out the different movements. And write this down: the more you lean towards the ground, the more
endurance will offer you the exercise, so you will do one more workout
intense. Write down these other four exercises to work
your buttocks with TRXa sports modality and with great effectiveness:

Hip raise with TRX

To do it correctly, lie down
face up and places the feet on the tapes intended for them in such a way that
legs and back are elevated and only support the cervical on the ground. Place the arms on both sides of the body without exerting pressure and bend the knees bringing them towards the chest
without bending your back. You can do it with both legs at the same time or alternately, thus achieving the maximum
benefit The exercise.

back lunge

Stand with your legs slightly apart and your hands holding the handles of the
TRX. Then, bring one leg back to rest on the ground and bend the one in front to
bend over. The more you bring your leg back, the more it will work the
muscles What do you want to strengthen?

Glute kick back

Stand up with your back to the
TRX and supports one foot in the grip intended for it. with the body completely
straightbring the leg resting on the TRX back, bend the knee of the leg resting on the ground, throw the body forward and bring the
arms also forward to maintain balance and concentrate all the tension in the

gluteal bridge

Lie upright with your back supported and your feet placed on the
TRX. Leave the arms on both sides of the body and raise the
trunk, staying with the cervical part resting on the ground. When making this movement, contract the
buttocks and stay in this position for a while to work on it more
intensity. Of course, be careful not to arch your back when raising your body, since you could hurt your lower back.

With these exercises you will gradually be able to achieve
buttocks stronger and more defined as those of
Elsa Pataky. It is likely that at first you will find it difficult to complete the
exercisesbut as you gain strength, you will see that you can even enjoy the effort.

You can buy this tool at any
store of sports equipment and fix it on a door or a corner of your house, it is not necessary to go to a
gym to put it into practice. Of course, you must be constant, you do not get the body of
Elsa Pataky eating popcorn on your couch while watching Netflix.