CaCo method, the best way to start running to lose weight and gain muscle mass


Sara Flamenco

It is very common to think that
the running is available to everyone, but when you start to
run you can make mistakes that lead to a
injury or abandonment. And why are you going to leave? Because you think that it is easier than it seems and that it is not so hard but, when
you go running as if you had been doing it all your life, you realize that it is not like that, that you are exhausted, with
muscle pains And you don’t last too long at a time.

The first thing you have to know is that
it happens to all of us. If you are not used to exercising
cardiovascular, your resistance is zero. But there is a very friendly way for beginners to start running. Its about
caco methodwhich will help you gain stamina and
Strengthen muscles little by little to establish a routine without suffering.

What is the CaCo method?

It is basically a training that combines
running and walking. Besides for beginners, the
caco method also suitable for
runners who have been doing it for years and return to their old ways after a break. And the best thing is that if you have started running for
lose weightthis type of running training will also help you lose weight.

The goal of this training is to get your
musculature Gain strength little by little so that you can win
endurance and lasting longer and longer
in a hurry. It is an eminently training
cardiovascular in which the muscles of the
lower train (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, soleus…). The ideal would be to combine this cardiovascular work with
a strength program that completes your training effectively and efficiently.

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Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.

It is advisable
don’t run every day and, on rest days, do work
strengthening of the musculature to protect bones and joints. Remember that the
running It is an impact sport in which the knee joints or the pelvic floor can suffer, for example. The stronger our
musclesless risk of injury you will have.

Example of training with the CaCo method

Our goal should be to reach
run 30 minutes no need to stop
a maximum of 8 weeks if you are a beginner we must perform
three days a week training and always leaving at least
a day off among them.

A correct progression could be this:

Week 1: 1 minute running and 3 walking. Repeat 6 times. Overall: 34 minutes.

week 2: 90 seconds running and 3 walking. Repeat 5 times. Overall: 33 minutes.

week 3: 2 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 5 times. Overall: 30 minutes.

week 4: 3 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 5 times. Overall: 35 minutes.

week 5: 5 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 3 times. Overall: 31 minutes.

Week 6: 8 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 3 times. Overall: 40 minutes.

week 7: 10 minutes running and 1 walking. Repeat 3 times. Overall: 43 minutes.

week 8: 15 minutes running and 1 walking. Repeat 2 times. Overall: 42 minutes.

Week 9: Running throughout the workout.

Remember that before starting the activity you should
heat the musculature, for which it is recommended to walk
five minutes at a brisk pace. At the end of the exercise, you should also have a period of
cooling with another five minutes of brisk walking and a round of
stretching by the end.