Crush with this navy blue Bershka trench coat that triumphs in street style (and is now on sale)


Lauren Left

Fashion Weeks around the world have brought us the
most innovative, surprising and combinable looks that we will all wear for the next few months, starting with colors like cobalt blue, bright green or deep purple and ending up confirming what we already knew: the Danish women will continue to give voice to the most elegant spirits.

However, booming trends aside, a garment that has been repeated over and over again by insiders has caught our attention: the
navy blue trench coat. Despite the fact that it is usually a piece generally enriched with its classic beige (or sometimes green), this new season they have all opted for blue.

That has led us to look back and realize one thing: it is not something new. The navy blue trench coat has always been the wardrobe staple with which personalities like
Olivia Palermo, Meghan Markle and including our very own Queen Letizia have sought to differentiate themselves from the rest.

And it doesn’t surprise us. Not only does it seem like a more sober and sophisticated option, but it is capable of raising the level of any look that comes your way, whether you wear jeans or an irresistible spring dress.

Given this, our mission was to find a navy blue trench coat that was as wearable and combinable as it was elegant, precious and well made. The
good news is that we have found it. The
good (very good) news It is that it has a discount (and a very cheap price).

Bershka trench coat.

Discovering it for the first time must be something similar to falling in love at first sight. Because when you see it, you know: your wardrobe needs it this new season to create all kinds of looks, from the simplest to the most incredible and special.

We like its flowing design, the detail on the cuffs that gives it a most flattering touch, and also the contrasting tone of the buttons with that of the jacket. It is simple, but precisely in its simplicity lies the key to its success.

Bershka trench coat.

In addition, you can wear it in the way you feel most comfortable: tied with a belt at the waist to frame your curves, or if you prefer, in a looser and lighter way, as if it were a thin coat.

It’s gorgeous and viral.
trench coat is from Bershka and despite the fact that its original price was €45.99, it currently has a
30% discount. So, it stays in
€32.19. That being said, you should know that it is
available from size XS to XL.